This page will start displaying Who's Coming April 20th

Here you can see who has purchased tickets and has RSVP'ed "Yes" to the 40th+ Reunion/60th Birthday Celebration and picnic.

RSVP'd means that the person has RSVP'd "YES" to the picnic. Purchased Tickets means the person has purchased tickets for both events and should be at the Saturday night event.

Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
Bonnie Jacobs (Payne)
Carolan Bombara (Stansky)
Charlie Ayoub
David Anderson
Jim Brown
Kristen Meyer (Brown)
Laure Jackson (Luce)
Lora Painter (Hartman)
Marie Sayre (Cole)
Michael Yette
Nancy Ayoub (Ayoub)
Renee Speck (Luba)
Wendy Singer (Singer)
Yvonne Fraser (Quade)
Total 8 14