Here are some common questions about this site, reunion and/or class activities with their corresponding answers.

Q If I enter my address in my profile will everyone be able to see it?
A No, the site only displays the state, province or area of a country. The addresses are only used to perform mailings. There is also a button for a map on the Class of 1980 page that will map out all classmates who have entered an address. It will not zoom down to the street level.

Q Will my email address be displayed on the website?
A No, the emails are for email messages and will not be displayed. HOWEVER, if you use the "Send this user a message" button on the profile page, the person who receives the message WILL have your email address and can reply directly to you.

Q Will my birthdate display on the website?

Yes, if you enter one it will display on the profile page as well as on the calendar. If you don't want your birthday displayed do not enter one. (We are all around the same age so no big secret)

Q Do I have to have my yearbook picture as my "Then" picture?
A No, the 1980 yearbook pictures are all scanned and are quickly uploaded. If you prefer to have a different picture from the yearbook scanned, you may request to have it substituted or removed completely. We feel it is nice (and sometimes fun) to have the older pictures shown however understand if you prefer not to have one displayed.
Go to Top Q What if I lose my username and/or password?
A No problem, just click on "Edit Profile" and then click on "I forgot my username and password". Enter your email address and it will match your email with the email in our files and will then be sent a new password along with your username. If you have changed emails and it does not match what we have on file, you will have to use the "Contact Us" page to have your profile reset.

Q Why do I have to login in to participate in the Message Boards?
A We want to make sure only classmates are participating as themselves and not outsiders pretending to be you. If you think someone has been using your username, please use the contact form and inform us or change your password immediately

Q Why do photos submitted to the albums require approval?
A This is a precaution to make sure no pictures are uploaded that contain images not appropriate to this website. The webmaster and/or committee have final say on what is appropraite.

Q How do I logout from the website?
A Currently there is no logout link/button. You will automatically be logged out when you close your browser or after 1 hour of inactivity.

Q Who is on the 40+ Year Reunion/60th Birthday planning committee?

A So far we have these brave people:Jay Gruber
Marie Sayre (Cole)
Yvonne Quade (Fraser)
Michael Yette
Laure Luce
Dave Anderson
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