This page has been opened to help defer the costs of the website for another 5 years as well as give the 40 Year reunion committeee a little budget to plan for the reunion. This is totally voluntary and separate from buying tickets to the reunion. Please only donate if you are financially able to do so and want to help out.

Thank you

Each donation transaction will have the following processing and transaction fees subtracted from the total you donate. You have the option below to pay these fees and have 100% of your donation pledge go to the website/reunion.
Processing fee   = 2.00 % of the donation value
Credit Card fee   = 3.00 % of the donation value
Transaction fee   = $ 0.75   per donation
Donation Fee Example
Donation amount:   $ 100  
Minus processing fee:   $ 2.00   (2% of $ 100)
Minus credit card fee:   $ 3.00   (3.00% of $ 100)
Minus transaction fee:   $ 0.75  
Net Donation amount net:   $ 94.25  
David Anderson - $50.00
3 years ago
Just a little more to help the goal.
Marie Cole - $40.00
3 years ago
Looking forward to our 41st reunion in 2021!
Carol England - $20.00
3 years ago
Who Wouldn't want to help out our awesome reunion committee?
Nancy Frieband - $100.00
3 years ago
Thanks for keeping NHS 1980 memories and communication active!