The 45th Reunion Cruise Registration is now closed for the secured pricing

New registration now requires you to contact the Travel Agent directly. If you still want to join the cruise, please call:



Wait for the autoattendant to ask if you already know who you want to talk to then use X- 39033 and ask for Taylor Slade

Mention you are with Northwood High School Class of 1980


You can email me and I can give you the current deal. Deals change daily. I keep an eye on the best deals for this cruise so feel free to email me first and I can let you know if you should wait a few days before calling. I can usually tell if a big savings option is coming or expiring soon. Not sure the TA will be that nice about it, they will probably only give you the current deal.

Cruise Details

Carnival Glory
Sailing Date 02/10/2025 - 02/14/2025
Four Night Bahamas


2/10/2025   Mon   Port Canaveral, Fl   03:30pm

2/11/2025   Tue   Bimini, Bahamas   08:00am   04:00pm

2/12/2025   Wed   Nassau, Bahamas   08:00am   04:00pm

2/13/2025   Thu   Fun Day at Sea

2/14/2025   Fri   Port Canaveral, Fl   08:00

Cabin Choices

  • Balcony - Call for cost 
  • Interior - Call for cost

If you want to travel alone, you will need to call to reserve, make sure they know you are traveling alone. Singles who book double occupancy cabins will pay the full cabin rate for 2 but should not pay double the taxes and port fees. 


These reservations are refundable up to Carnivals policy deadline unlike what you may see online. Many online reservation costs are non refundable.

Payment Schedule:

  • This now can change based on when you book
  • First payment due at time of booking
  • Second payment due Nov 7, 2024 (If you do the advance deposit option)
  • Final Payment due Nov 17, 2024

* - If registering 100 days within sailing (Nov 1, 2024) you have to pay full amount at time of booking.


When you put your other sailing partner into your reservation, it will ask for their email as well. You can just repeat your email again if you want to be the only one getting reminders/approvals from the Travel Agent. If you want your partner to get the notices as well, that's OK, just remember only one person per cabin needs to verify payments and reservations.


If you happen to have a Carnival VIFP, make sure Taylor has it during registration. 

Additional items:

  • The initial group rates were only good until February 6, 2024
  • You can decide to join now, email me for details
  • Monthly Zoom calls will now be used for logistics and questions about the cruise. I will post the link in the "Happenings Section" of the website under "Important Dates
  • If you will be flying into Florida, There are 3 airports nearby Port Canaveral: Orlando International (MCO), Sanford/Orlando International (SFB) and Daytona Beach International (DAB)
  • Once registered, I will send you a PDF with more details on the trip and some tips for planning.
  • I have set up a "Who's Sailing" page on our website as well.

Basic Info

For those who have never taken a cruise, I will try to give you the basics here so you can understand what this involves. I have been on about 15 different cruises spanning 3 different cruise lines and a multitude of ship sizes. If you have never been on one, you really should try it at least once, we are not getting younger.

First, cruises can be fun, actually very fun but they are not for everyone. The nice thing about a cruise is that the price includes your room, your food and the transportation to the ports. Once on board, you can just relax if you want and not pay another dime (other than gratuities though you can prepay them).
However, there are plenty of things you can spend more on while on board so understand you will probably spend more than just the cruise initial payment. Specialty dining options exist if you want (some are good, some are not). Alcohol is not included.
There are stores on the ship and at the ports. Shore excursions such as tours, snorkeling, diving, parasailing etc are available so if you want to do those activities, you will pay more. 
Ships now are HUGE. That means a few things. 
Expect to go up steps and/or wait for elevators to get around the ship. They do accommodate people who need mobility devices, but you have to let them know ahead of time. 
It also means more people. The bigger the ship, the more people. Also, the shorter cruises (especially ones on the weekend) tend to attract the party people. Cruises during the week and longer cruises are typically a little more relaxed. Our ship is the Carnival Glory. It is more a middle to small ship compared to others. It is still big; 110,000 tons, 13 decks, 952 feet long and can accomodate 2,980 guests. To put that in perspective, the largest ship (Icon of the Seas) is 248,663 tons, 20 decks, 1,196 feet long and can accomodate 7,600 guests.
These larger ships now all have stabilizers and you really don't feel it move, well unless there is a storm out at sea. It won't move like a fishing boat, but you will feel it. I have yet to see anyone get seasick on these big ships but then again, if someone was sick, they were probably hiding out in their stateroom. There are medications, patches and even wristbands that help people who get seasick.
Our group rates require at least 8 staterooms to be considered a group. That means 16 people. The more staterooms, the more perks we can get. (like a free happy hour, shipboard credit, etc). Once we have everyone registered I can let everyone know what we qualified for with our group.
As a group, we have to pay a deposit when you register. They do offer travel insurance but like any insurance, you need to read the fine print before you purchase it.
Passports are not required. I strongly suggest having a passport though. For cruises that allow you to just have a driver's license and birth certificate, the line to get off the ship at the end is Looooonnnnngggg. If you have a passport you go right through customs and immigration.
All cruise lines use US Federal law as well as the laws of the countries being visited, this includes our cruise. That means if it is federally illegal, you cannot bring it. There is a long list of items you cannot bring on a ship but more importantly, you don't want to bring something that is legal in your state but illegal federally. This includes camouflage of any type (The Bahamas has outlawed any color of camouflage no matter how big or small) and medical marijuana. They have drug sniffing dogs and they will find it (the drugs, not the camo). And then you will be sad because you won't be allowed to go, or worse, you will get kicked off the ship at whatever port they find it. Just saying.
Carnival does allow you to bring some drinks on board however read their policy carefully!

Our Ship the Carnival Glory